Ear Falls Black Bear Hunting

Anishinabi Lodge is a fly-in hunting and fishing lodge north of Vermilion Bay and west of Ear Falls. The main lodge is on an island at the south end of Anishinabi Lake and they have two remote outpost camps at the north end of the lake. Black Bear Hunting is a time honored family tradition at Anishinabi Lodge. Their BMA is in a hilly area northwest of Vermilion Bay where there are lots of bears and big bears. The Black Bears in their area average around 200 pounds so guests waiting for the bigger bears usually harvest bears between 250 and 350 pounds. Black Bear over 400 pounds do get harvested on occasion with the largest Black Bear in recent years being a monster 453 pounds. They have baited stands set up for archery / Bow hunters as well as rifle and Black Powder hunters. Their success rate is usually between 80% and 90%. They have beautiful lakefront log cabin cottages, which are fully equipped for housekeeping. They have a main lodge and can offer American Plan with prior notice.