Black Bear Hunting in Ignace Ontario

Cozy Camp Bear Outfitters: We have a large BMA (Bear Management Area) and the camp is right in the middle of it. We have an exceptionally large population of big trophy black bears including rare color variations such as Cinnamon Black Bears and Blonde Black Bears. Our guests enjoy an exceptionally high success rate. Black Bears commonly reach 300 pounds with many that are much bigger. The hunt caters to archery, crossbow, rifle and black powder hunters.

Sandy Point Camp is located on Kawashegamuk Lake, which is between Dryden and Ignace, Ontario and in the deep wilderness. They have outstanding hunting for Black Bear. Their bear management area is large and very productive. Their guests enjoy a high success rate with Black Bears common in the 250 to 350 pound range. This lodge boasts a 100% sighting rate so hunters can pass of Smaller Black Bears and wait for the big old males. Baited stands are all at east 1 mile apart with the target zone being between 15 and 30 yards from the stands. This is a housekeeping hunt at a very reasonable rate.