Minaki Ontario Black Bear Hunting

Northumbrian Resort has exclusive Black Bear hunting rights to 200 square miles of the most bear-stuffed forest in Northwestern Ontario. Within their BMA (Bear Management Area), the landscape consists of open areas with huge patches of Blueberries and Raspberries. There are also many streams and small lakes, which are surrounded by towering pines of many species. They offer both drive-in Black Bear hunts and fly-in Black Bear hunts. Their BMA is scouted for major bear sign and then baits are places at strategic spots and all at least one mile apart. Baiting starts at least three weeks before the first day of bear hunting season to maximize the success of their guests. Each hunter gets three different baited stands to hunt from, which is why their hunting guests enjoy, on average, a 92% harvest rate and a 100% sighting rate. Black Bears in the area are common in the two hundred to three hundred pound range. Bears in the area do get up to and over five hundred pounds. This is your best chance at harvesting a trophy Black Bear.