Sioux Narrows Ontario Black Bear Hunting

First Nation Guides is a family-owned boat-in wilderness lodge at the south-east shores of the Aulneau Peninsula within Lake Of The Woods. Guests are boated in from the Nestor Falls / Sioux Narrows area. The Aulneau Peninsula is a hot location in Ontario for big Black Bears. First Nation Guides has two Bear Management Areas (BMAs) that cover hundreds of square miles and the success rates are always close to 100%. Black Bears in the area average around 200 pounds and hunters have harvested Black Bears up to 350 pounds. Guests have reported seeing much larger bears but did not get the shot. They have 20 baited stands and only take 10 hunters per year so each hunter has 2 baits and the low amount of hunting ensures a high success rate for future years. They start baiting over a month before the hunt and replenish the baits every second day. Rifle, Archery, Crossbow, Shotgun & Muzzleloader are all legal weapons in their BMAs. Accommodations are in a large lakefront housekeeping cottage with all modern amenities. Interiors are tastefully decorated with newer furniture and tongue-&-grove pine throughout. They also have hunting for Whitetail Deer, Wolf and Waterfowl.