Black Bear Hunting in Dinorwic Ontario

Pine Sunset Lodge - As a result of the availability of food, our hunting guests harvest some of the biggest Black Bears in Ontario. Black Bears average 300 pounds in our BMA, which is much larger then the Ontario average. Every years guests harvest bears, which reach close to the 600-pound mark. Bears that big are just not available in most places in Ontario. We don't want you to think every guest gets the opportunity to harvest a 600-pound Black Bear but we do want you to know there is a chance. Having that chance builds anticipation, which makes your bear hunt exciting and adventurous. Our bear hunting guests enjoy a 100% success rate and have the confidence to pass on smaller bears to wait for the big old males. We only take a limited amount of hunters each fall to prevent over-harvesting and maintain the unbelievable bear hunting. As a result of our conservation efforts, there is a 2 to 3 year waiting list to hunt our BMA.

Merkels Camp is located on Wabigoon Lake between Dryden and Dinorwic and in heart of Ontario's best hunting. Their family built the lodge back in 1963 and continue to be the top hunting outfitter in the area. Their private 250 square mile bear management area ensures a high success rate. They are the only outfitter in Ontario that baits bears at the stands for 2 years before your hunt. Not only does this giver their hunting guests a 100% success rate, bear hunters are always harvest Black bears in the 275 to 500 pound range. Not many Black Bear outfitters in Ontario can claim that. They have 5 housekeeping lakefront cottages and are not far from their hunting areas.

Sandy Point Camp is located on Kawashegamuk Lake, which is between Dryden and Ignace, Ontario and in the deep wilderness. They have outstanding hunting for Black Bear. Their bear management area is large and very productive. Their guests enjoy a high success rate with Black Bears common in the 250 to 350 pound range. This lodge boasts a 100% sighting rate so hunters can pass of Smaller Black Bears and wait for the big old males. Baited stands are all at east 1 mile apart with the target zone being between 15 and 30 yards from the stands. This is a housekeeping hunt at a very reasonable rate.

Bonny Bay Camp is located on the north shore of Wabigoon Lake between Dryden and Dinorwick. They have a brand new 250 square mile Black Bear Management area that has never been hunted before and it's full of big old trophy male Black Bears with a few that have been seen by their scouts that were well over 500 pounds. They have gone to no expense setting up this new BMA and have built ladder and platform stands at strategic areas where the bears are moving through. This is a great chance to hunt virgin territory in the remote wilderness of Northwestern Ontario. Accommodations are in big well-built and modern housekeeping cottages on Wabigoon Lake.