Black Bear Hunting in Vermilion Bay Ontario

Rugby Lake Lodge is located 35 miles north of Dryden and 45 miles northeast of Vermilion Bay, Ontario. Their large Black Bear Management area has 30 baited stands, all at least 1 mile apart. They start baiting 6 weeks before the hunt to make sure the biggest bears keep coming back. Their BMA covers nothing but prime Black Bear Hunting territory. Bears in their area average around 250 pounds but every year hunting guests harvest Black Bears in the 350 to 450 pound range. Since owning the lodge they have had guests harvest truly magnificent trophy Black Bears pushing 500 pounds. They offer clean and comfortable lakefront housekeeping accommodations. They have hunting for Moose and Whitetail Deer as well as bear hunts.

Birch Dale Lodge is located on Eagle Lake, south of Waldhof and Vermilion Bay and just west of Dryden. They have outstanding hunting for Black Bear. The Black Bear hunting is excellent. They have a large BMA with 20 or more bait stations. Their guests have harvested several bears over 500 pounds in the last few years. They offer housekeeping cottages on the shore of Eagle Lake and also have a small restaurant where you can buy your meals and even cook your own steak.