Russian Brown Bear Attack

Two oil workers on their day off decided to walk down the Poronaysk River on Sakhalin Island in Eastern Russia to try their luck fishing for Salmon. Due to over-fishing Salmon stocks are down next to nothing and this has created a starving-bear crises on the island. Both men were killed and eaten in the fall of 2016. Later in September of 2017 a hunter and a fisherman met the same fate.

Warning: The pictures below are very disturbing.

In the fall of 2017 Russian authorities had to shoot 83 Grizzly Bears (Brown Bears) as the starving bears approached towns and rural farms. There were too many reports of close encounters with humans and farmers were complaining about livestock being killed and eaten. Russian authorities were criticized for killing the bears by French newspapers but they ensured them the bears were all starving to death and would have surly died while trying to hibernate.