Ontario Drive-in Camps & Outfitters with Black Bear Hunts

Four Seasons Guiding is a small and cozy family-run outfitter on Big Pine Lake near Chapleau Ontario. They offer housekeeping cabins with fall and spring Black Bear hunts as well as hunting for Moose, Wolf and Grouse. Chapleau is well known for being the Black Bear hunting capital of Ontario. Not only is there an over-population of bears there are many trophies. Four Season's bear management area is over 500 square miles. The area is well scouted and bated stands are placed in strategic areas where the biggest Black Bears have been seen. Bears average about 250 pounds but their guests have harvested many over 400 pounds. The biggest bear harvested so far was over 500 pounds. This is a bear hunt with great personal service. Success rates are close to 100% each year. Cam still has openings for the 2024 spring bear hunt.

Olive The Lake Bear Hunts: Olive The Lake is a hunting and fishing lodge located an hour north of North Bay, Ontario in the Temagami / Marten River wilderness zone. This area has a tradition for being one of the top Black Bear hunting areas in Ontario do to the vast amounts of wilderness and diverse terrain. The region is far enough south for a longer growing season. As a result the Black Bear population is extremely high and the bears get much bigger than the bears father north that have far less food to eat. It's common for their bear hunting guests to harvest bears in the 250 to 325 pound range, which is much greater than the Ontario average. In 2013 a hunting TV show harvested a monster 625 bruin and the video is available on their website. Their three Bear Management Areas total over 770,000 acres of prime Black Bear habitat and in all that wilderness they only have 10 baited Black Bear stands at the most strategic hotspots with some being accessible for persons with physical challenges. This ensures an extremely high success rate for their bear hunting guests. Olive The Lake has beautiful lakefront cottages and offers both American Plan, with delicious home cooked meals, and Housekeeping Black Bear hunts. All bear hunters are welcome to enjoy the great fishing.

Indian Point Camp is located on Wabigoon Lake, which is just southwest of Dryden Ontario, and in the center of some of the best Black Bear hunting in Ontario. Their bear hunt takes place in WMU 8 and Indian Point hunting guests have a 250 square mile bear management area (BMA) to their own exclusive use. Bear hunters have a 100% sighting rate. Black Bears are common in the 150 to 350 pound range but on occasion bears over 500 pounds get harvested. The harvest rate could be higher but many hunting guests return every year and pass on smaller bears because they know there is a great chance of seeing a big trophy. Accommodations are in the fully equipped housekeeping cottages with full kitchens.

Harris Hill Resort is located near Rainy River on Lake of The Woods Black Bear of Blonde, Brown or Cinnamon Bear Color Phases are seen here. The Natural Resource's Biologists tell us that Black Bear migrate to Harris Hill Resort's exclusive black bear hunting area in large numbers from other areas miles and miles away. Perhaps it's the abundance of berries, fruit trees in the area, or acorns that fall from the many Oak trees on our property that draw the bear here. It could be the large amount of vacated land with low pressure Black bear hunting also. All of our sites are set up with stands that are baited. The largest black bear recorded in our large hunting area was a 650 lb. dressed male Black Bear, and a 700 lb. live weight Cinnamon Bear. Bears are more common between 200 and 400 pounds though. Whatever size you harvest, you will be thrilled by the excitement of your Trophy Black Bear Hunt.

Buck Lake Outfitters is situated near Huntsville Ontario only 3.5 hours north of the Buffalo / New York border and 2 hours north of Toronto. You don't have to travel 15 plus hours north for great Black Bear Hunting -- its right here at Buck Lake Outfitters. Our BMA is 350 square miles (563 km²) consisting of dense forests, lakes and wetlands with the famous untouched wilderness of Algonquin Park nearby. Baiting starts well in advance of Bear season "GUARANTEEING" our hunters multiple active baits per hunter. We supply ladder tree stands or ground blinds and tailor our Hunts to meet anyones hunting and physical abilities. Our average bear size is 200lbs but its not uncommon for our hunters to harvest Bear in the 300lb - 400 lb range with the occasional 500 pounder brought home. We run a 100% sighting rate and 95% ++ harvest rate. Accommodations are provided in beautiful waterfront cottages on Buck Lake. We offer fully guided hunts with Housekeeping or Full Service American plans.

Murray Lake Cottages & Outpost Camps is located south of Missanabie and between Wawa and Chapleau, Ontario. Murray Lake Specialize in Black bear Hunting. They have 5 BMAs (Bear Management Areas) which together total 500 square miles of the top Black Bear Hunting country in Ontario. One of the BMAs borders the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. Black Bears in their area and common in the 200 to 300 pound range. Every year that have Black Bears in the 300 to 400 pound range get harvested and in the last few years have had a couple of bears over 500 pounds. They have five housekeeping cabins on Murray Lake and they also have Silver Birch Cottages that are father east towards Chapleau for hunters that want to hunt beside the game preserve. They are a 95% success rate and a 100% sighting rate.

Rugby Lake Lodge is located 35 miles north of Dryden and 45 miles northeast of Vermilion Bay, Ontario. Their large Black Bear Management area has 30 baited stands, all at least 1 mile apart. They start baiting 6 weeks before the hunt to make sure the biggest bears keep coming back. Their BMA covers nothing but prime Black Bear Hunting territory. Bears in their area average around 250 pounds but every year hunting guests harvest Black Bears in the 350 to 450 pound range. Since owning the lodge they have had guests harvest truly magnificent trophy Black Bears pushing 500 pounds. They offer clean and comfortable lakefront housekeeping accommodations. They have hunting for Moose and Whitetail Deer as well as bear hunts.

Lower Twin Lakes Lodge is a drive-to camp and located north of Nakina, Ontario. Their massive Bear Management Area (BMA) is steadily producing Black Bears in the 175 to 325 pound range with a few bears reaching the 400 pound mark. Stands are baited for 6 weeks before the hunt to ensure our bear hunting guests keep enjoying the 90%+ success rate that our BMA has provided. Our BMA is in WMU 19. Nakina is famous for Moose hunting and the bears have basically been ignored. There are only a couple of outfitters in the Nakina area offering Black Bear hunts so the population of bears is extremely high and there are lots of big old males hanging around out bait stands. The hunt starts August 15th. This is a 7-day housekeeping Bear hunt. Accommodations are in their clean and comfortable lakeside cottages.

Green Wilderness Lodge & Outpost Camps is located in Northern Ontario in the Gogama / Timmins area. Green's has great hunting for big trophy Black Bear. They cater to both Bow Hunters and Rifle Hunters. Black bear hunting is a time-honored tradition that has been handed down since Russ' great grandfather first built the lodge. Black Bears in their area are common in the 250 to 350 pound range and their customers enjoy a 100% success rate because Russ has 70 bait stands all 2 miles apart in their massive bear management area. Hunters have the choice to have yummy home made meals cooked by the lodge or bring their own food. Their cabins are equipped for housekeeping.

Cozy Camp Bear Outfitters: We have a large BMA (Bear Management Area) and the camp is right in the middle of it. We have an exceptionally large population of big trophy black bears including rare color variations such as Cinnamon Black Bears and Blonde Black Bears. Our guests enjoy an exceptionally high success rate. Black Bears commonly reach 300 pounds with many that are much bigger. The hunt caters to archery, crossbow, rifle and black powder hunters.

Sandy Point Camp is located on Kawashegamuk Lake, which is between Dryden and Ignace, Ontario and in the deep wilderness. They have outstanding hunting for Black Bear. Their bear management area is large and very productive. Their guests enjoy a high success rate with Black Bears common in the 250 to 350 pound range. This lodge boasts a 100% sighting rate so hunters can pass of Smaller Black Bears and wait for the big old males. Baited stands are all at east 1 mile apart with the target zone being between 15 and 30 yards from the stands. This is a housekeeping hunt at a very reasonable rate.

Red Pine Lodge & Outpost Camps: We are well known for having one of the best Black Bear Hunts in Ontario. Our BMA is over 750 square miles of prime Black Bear habitat. As a result, our guests enjoy an exceptionally high success rate. We have 100 baits set up in all different types of terrain so even people who are physically challenged can enjoy our great hunting. Our Black Bear hunting package is full service American Plan so all you do is relax, hunt bear and have fun.

Hidden River Lodge is located on Whitefish Lake, which is part of the famous Michipicoten River System. The closest civilization is the tourist outpost town of Wawa, Ontario. Hidden Lake has great hunting for Black Bear with a massive bear hunting area and strategically placed baited stands in different terrains. Black Bears in their area are common in the 150 to 350 pound range but bigger bears do get harvested. They cater to Archery, Rifle, Crossbow and Plack Powder hunters. They have nice comfortable housekeeping cabins.

Moose Horn Lodge is located just outside of Chapleau Ontario and right next to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. They offer one of the best Black Bear hunt in Canada. Black Bear hunting has been a family tradition since 1957 and success rates are always close to 100% with sighting rates over 175%. They just have tons of bears in their area and hundreds of photos of hunters with their prize. This is a beautiful brand new lodge built where the old lodge used to be. The cedar wilderness cottages will make you feel awesome.

Flame Lake Lodge is located near Chapleau Ontario and offer excellent Black Bear and are set up for both rifle hunts and bow hunts. They have an exclusing 350 square mile Black Bear Management Area right close to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve thus they get tons of bears and big bears. Accommodations include housekeeping cabin or American Plan in the main lodge.

Seine River Lodge is located near Atikokan Ontario, between Quetico Provincial Park and the White Otter Wilderness Preserve. They have incredible hunting for Black Bear. Bears average around 200 pounds in their area but many of their hunting guests take Black Bears close to 500 pounds. They average 70% success rate, but flirt with 100% each year as many of their regular hunters choose not to kill, waiting for that big one or that special color phase. They offer American Plan, housekeeping log cabins and camping for tents and RVs.

Birch Dale Lodge is located on Eagle Lake, south of Waldhof and Vermilion Bay and just west of Dryden. They have outstanding hunting for Black Bear. The Black Bear hunting is excellent. They have a large BMA with 20 or more bait stations. Their guests have harvested several bears over 500 pounds in the last few years. They offer housekeeping cottages on the shore of Eagle Lake and also have a small restaurant where you can buy your meals and even cook your own steak.

Five Mile Lake Lodge & Outpost Camps is located on Five Mile Lake which is south of Chapleau, Ontario. They are rated as 4 Star (****) accommodations with housekeeping cabins at the base lodge and outpost cabins on Goldie Lake. They have great hunting for Black Bear but you have to book early because they only take 8 hunters per year to keep their Black Bear Management area stuffed with Trophy Black Bears. Bears are common in the 150 to 350 pound range. Their Black Bear hunt is a housekeeping hunt.

Bear Lake Wilderness Camp Offers both Black Bear hunts and Moose hunts. The camp is located within the boundaries of Killarney Provincial Park and is gifted to be one of the extreme cases where an outfitter is given a Black Bear Hunting management area within a park. Their area is very exclusive and as a result, they not only have an extremely high population of Black Bears, they have big old trophy males. There Moose hunts take place in WMU 42. This location north of Lake Superior is famous for the high population of Moose. They offer fully equipped housekeeping cabins and ecellent fishing.

Merkels Camp is located on Wabigoon Lake between Dryden and Dinorwic and in heart of Ontario's best hunting. Their family built the lodge back in 1963 and continue to be the top hunting outfitter in the area. Their private 250 square mile bear management area ensures a high success rate. They are the only outfitter in Ontario that baits bears at the stands for 2 years before your hunt. Not only does this giver their hunting guests a 100% success rate, bear hunters are always harvest Black bears in the 275 to 500 pound range. Not many Black Bear outfitters in Ontario can claim that. They have 5 housekeeping lakefront cottages and are not far from their hunting areas.

Bonny Bay Camp is located on the north shore of Wabigoon Lake between Dryden and Dinorwick. They have a brand new 250 square mile Black Bear Management area that has never been hunted before and it's full of big old trophy male Black Bears with a few that have been seen by their scouts that were well over 500 pounds. They have gone to no expense setting up this new BMA and have built ladder and platform stands at strategic areas where the bears are moving through. This is a great chance to hunt virgin territory in the remote wilderness of Northwestern Ontario. Accommodations are in big well-built and modern housekeeping cottages on Wabigoon Lake.

prairiebeeoutpostcamps are located on Prairie Bee Lake, which is located between Chapleau and Wawa, Ontario. They have a large Black Bear Management Area of 125 square miles in the middle of the best Black Bear hunting region of Ontario. Black Bears average around 225 pounds but guests who are patient many times harvest Black Bears in the 300 to 400 pound range. Black Bears exceeding 500 pounds have been seen in the area. The camp takes a limited number of hunters each year to maintain their high success rate, which is 90% or higher. At the far west end of the lake they have an extremely remote outpost camp. The main camp is located at the north-east end of the lake. These are remote boat-to housekeeping camps.

Happy Day Lodge - We offer a high quality Black Bear hunt. Whether you will be hunting with gun or archery , your choice of stands will be along the shores of Windermere Lake, Kathleen Lake, Goldie Lake or at one of our remote stands. Access to your stand can be by boat or ATV. Each of our hunters are provided with 2 - 3 active stands that haven't been utilized by any other hunter for that season, which means that you have a fresh stand from the beginning. Our territory covers approximately 250 square miles of exclusive black bear territory with approximately 30 baited stands. In addition, part of our area hunted is adjacent to the World's Largest Game Preserve. This gives you an added advantage because the game preserve is protected from regular hunting pressure. Over half of our hunters experience more than one active bear at their stands which provides additional opportunities. With this in mind, we put a lot of time and dedication toward our hunts and hunters. Remember, our stats speaks for themselves, 100% of our regular bear hunters have shot a bear since 2003.