Ontario Record Black Bear for Crossbow

The first picture is a 780 pound Black Bear Harvested in 2007 by Ken Loya Jr.

The second picture is a 702 pound Black Bear Harvested in 2005 Ken Loya Jr.

Ken Loya Jr. holds the Ontario Record Black Bear for Crossbow when he took a monster size 702-pound Black Bear back in 2005. (picture below)

Now he has beaten his own record with this 780-pound Black Bear, which he harvested on October 9 / 2007 in the township of Calvin. (Picture right)

Here is the story

When most people encounter a 354-kilogram (780 pounds) black bear in the woods, they run away as fast as they can.

But when Ken Loya Jr. saw such a bear last week, he steadied his crossbow and squeezed the trigger.

For the past five weeks, Loya has been hunting over his bear bait near Mattawa, where the 26-year-old avid bear hunter lives, in the hopes of drawing out the monster bruin he'd first learned about in August.

I'd been hunting that bear since Sept. 1. I started baiting that area around Aug. 13 and I had a few bears coming into the area, but I knew there was one humungous one out there because I'd seen his tracks."

It's not an easy task, though. I spent two months on this bear alone . . . But I finally got him," Loya said. "If you want to get a big one, you gotta put the time in and you can't shoot the first one you see. It's a lot of work, that's for sure."