Black Bear Hunting in Fort Frances Ontario

Harris Hill Resort is located near Rainy River on Lake of The Woods Black Bear of Blonde, Brown or Cinnamon Bear Color Phases are seen here. The Natural Resource's Biologists tell us that Black Bear migrate to Harris Hill Resort's exclusive black bear hunting area in large numbers from other areas miles and miles away. Perhaps it's the abundance of berries, fruit trees in the area, or acorns that fall from the many Oak trees on our property that draw the bear here. It could be the large amount of vacated land with low pressure Black bear hunting also. All of our sites are set up with stands that are baited. The largest black bear recorded in our large hunting area was a 650 lb. dressed male Black Bear, and a 700 lb. live weight Cinnamon Bear. Bears are more common between 200 and 400 pounds though. Whatever size you harvest, you will be thrilled by the excitement of your Trophy Black Bear Hunt.