Black Bear Hunting in Nakina Ontario

Brace Lake Outfitters is a fly-in lodge north of Nakina, Ontario and in the heart of some of the best Black Bear hunting in Ontario. Not many outfitters in their area offer Black Bear hunting. As a result the population of bears is high and the success rate for their customers has been 100% since Kyle & Terry bought the lodge. Black Bears in their area average about 275 pounds. The biggest bear harvested at the lodge in the last few years exceeded 600 pounds.

Lower Twin Lakes Lodge is a drive-to camp and located north of Nakina, Ontario. Their massive Bear Management Area (BMA) is steadily producing Black Bears in the 175 to 325 pound range with a few bears reaching the 400 pound mark. Stands are baited for 6 weeks before the hunt to ensure our bear hunting guests keep enjoying the 90%+ success rate that our BMA has provided. Our BMA is in WMU 19. Nakina is famous for Moose hunting and the bears have basically been ignored. There are only a couple of outfitters in the Nakina area offering Black Bear hunts so the population of bears is extremely high and there are lots of big old males hanging around out bait stands. The hunt starts August 15th. This is a 7-day housekeeping Bear hunt. Accommodations are in their clean and comfortable lakeside cottages.