Gowganda Ontario Black Bear Hunting

Auld Reekie Lodge is located 3 hours north of North Bay near the town of Gowganda and located on Gowganda Lake. They offer a few different Black Bear Hunting packages to meet your needs. Rifle, Archery and Black Powder hunters are welcome. They have three BMAs (Black Bear Management Area) with Black Bears common in the 200 to 300 pound range. Hunting guests have harvested bears over 400 pounds in their BMA. They start baiting their stands 6 weeks before the hunt and have their guides constantly scouting out which stands have the biggest bears. Some of their stands are set up so people with physical challenges can easily get to the stands and hunt. Having a guide is optional. Their success rate has been 100% since 2009. They have beautiful lakefront cottages along with a main restaurant and British Pub style bar. They offer American Plan, European Plan and housekeeping plan.

Bay Wolf Camp is a modern, drive-to housekeeping hunting camp located about 100 miles north of Sudbury, Ontario, in an area known for having both big and high numbers of Black Bears. Their Black Bear Hunting Area (BMA) is 80 square miles of wilderness. This is prime bear habitat with a variety of food sources. Bears can hunt and scavenge along shorelines and streams, and eat their fill on late season berries, fruit, and nuts, as well as all the other food available to this omnivore. Black Bear hunting at Bay Wolf Camp is a time honored family tradition, which has allowed their hunting guests to enjoy a high success rate. Black Bears in the area average around 200 pounds with many harvested bears exceeding 300 pounds, and even some over 400 pounds. Each year, about 70 sites are kept baited, and then scouted prior to the hunt to see which sites have the best bears sign for size and numbers. Bay Wolf Camp also offers a fishing add-on for hunters who choose it as well as other Fishing/Small Game Packages. Their lakes have great fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Trout, Perch & Whitefish.